Supervisor profession

Despite the fashionable, Western name of the profession - a supervisor is an ordinary leader. He always has a number of line employees under him - promoters, sales representatives, merchandisers, sales managers or other specialists.

It is easier to understand what supervisors are doing with examples. Supervisors of promoters choose the best places for promoters to work, provide them with promotional giveaways, control the quality of their work, distribute bonuses, etc.

Supervisors of sales representatives or merchandisers develop routes for visiting stores, monitor the availability of goods and materials for window dressing for subordinates, monitor the implementation of the sales plan and delivery schedule.

Places of work

Supervisors are in demand in various fields, but they are most urgently needed in trade, manufacturing and advertising companies. Quite often they work in the FMCG field.


History of the profession

Translated from English "supervisor" is a manager, curator, controller. This word came to the Russian language, bypassing the translation, and the profession was named "supervisor".

These specialists appeared in the United States in the second half of the 20th century, when there was a huge demand for managers and leaders. Currently, the position of a supervisor is found in almost every trading company or chain of stores.

Responsibilities of the supervisor

Responsibilities may vary depending on the specifics of the activities of a particular company. The main job responsibilities of the supervisor include:
selection and training of personnel;
distribution of tasks between employees;
negotiating with contractors and partners;
quality control of work;
reporting on the work of subordinates.


Supervisor requirements

higher education;
experience in sales from 1 year;
having a car;
PC knowledge.

How to become a supervisor

To become a supervisor, you need two things: work experience and good organizational skills. Sometimes applicants are required to have a higher education (but very rarely). For this reason, the easiest way to become a supervisor is to rise from the bottom. Get a job as a promoter, merchandiser or sales manager , achieve success and get a promotion.


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